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Induction Day: Welcoming Juniors

I welcome you all to beautiful natural landscape of this institution. I welcome you to a new haven of learning, which is going to be a new home for you to learn and achieve what you want. As you enter, you stay with us for a little while since we are leaving this institution in a couple of months, whereas your stay here will give you a molding experience to shape your career to future.

I remember the day when I had come for the similar Induction Day. I too was one among you. My mind was haunted by questions like how am I going to face my seniors and deal with the new staffs? How will I handle this bend i.e. shift from school life to college life? But to my surprise I found this college amiable. The management here is so Student friendly. The efficient team of faculty, well equipped laboratories, canteen, library, hostel accommodation, prayer hall etc all is there for you to assist you in your learning process. Really, the management will make you feel-at-home here. Meritorious students are encouraged with cash prizes and medals and mementos and every year national level symposiums and seminars are conducted to boost up the competitive spirit and strengthen the technical skills of the students. For those interested in sports and other extra curricular activities, Sports and Games department is there for your help. Your seniors are well behaved and you need not worry about Ragging. From today , you are one of the members of A.M.S family. We are ready to help you in all the ways.

The teachers, our fellow students and other staffs are all a pleasure to interact with and live with them. Unforgettable memories will abound when you leave this institution as we do now. Everyday is a day to be cherished here. Besides learning, here we learn what life is and how should we conduct ourselves in society. For all our success and happiness, the institution paves a way. How well you choose to travel along is in your hands. Make best use of it and ultimately success is yours.

Thank you. I welcome you all a joyous union, indeed for everyone of us. May Grace grant us, this forever.

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