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Tips For Newly Married Women

After a grand wedding, the time will come every girl to give bid off to their family, and has to enter in to new family where she got married. It will be very sensitive for a girl to face all the situations at In-Laws place.

Here a some tips to face especially Mother-In-Law as the daughter-In-Law will be monitored always what ever she does.

  1. Get up early morning at least by 6′ Clock.
  2. Finish your bath with in no time and get ready. So as to avoid such comments like – abbaaa. This girl takes too much time to get ready.
  3. Foremost thing is you should mentally prepare to work at your In-Laws’-place. Never ever don’t feel lazy to do any thing.
  4. Help your mother In-Law in preparing coffee/ Tea/break fast, or you take over the charge of doing that.
  5. Do wash your cloths soon after bath. Don’t keep pending, put the cloths in hot water by adding surf, and keep it ready for servant maid to wash.
  6. Bring all utensils in side that were washed by servant maid and arrange those in the kitchen.
  7. Cut the vegetables and help your mother-In-Law in cooking.
  8. Meanwhile serve the Tiffin to your hubby and father-In-Law.
  9. Make arrangements for lunch/dinner by bringing all required dishes from kitchen.
  10. Don’t ever never starve your self being you are new to home.Have food properly. If you don’t get break fast have one more time milk/coffee/Tiffin/ corn flakes. Ask your husband to bring the biscuits so as to have it as evening snack if anything is not available.
  11. Wear new dresses morning one and evening. Always you should look fresh.
  12. Be brave, if necessary you should be able to do all the outside works also.
  13. Don’t be short tempered. Do observe the situation accordingly and react. Otherwise you will be stamped as “Short tempered” immediately.
  14. Be prepared to face some tantrums.
  15. If anybody behaves against your wish, Please don’t react immediately, If you can think of for a while, one time will come where you can express your likes and dislikes to them.
  16. One more important thing please doesn’t behave in such a way that, your husband feels that my wife will never take care of my parents.
  17. If you are working please don’t quit your job.
  18. Don’t spend too much money unnecessarily on anything.
  19. Don’t inculcate habit, that you bring every thing to every body at your in-Law’s place. The fact is they are capable of getting everything what ever they want.
  20. Don’t never ever close your bed room door harshly before your In-Law’s.
  21. Last but not least win the confidence of your husband.

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