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Utilise time effectively at work to enjoy personal time

There is a lot of emphasis on ‘conservation’ in today’s economy. Save water, save electricity, save paper are now becoming popular corporate social responsibility drives in most corporates . The one resource that absolutely cannot be recycled or restored is the most ignored — time.

To live a balanced and fulfilling personal life (by the way that’s the purpose of coming to work) we need to utilise our time very effectively at work so we can enjoy the benefits of our labour in our personal time.

Late hours at work, increasing stress levels and the general feeling of breakdown can all be traced to ineffective time management.

Here are some tips that will not only liberate you from work-related despair but will also add greater value to your life and well being.

1. Wake up early:There are employees who are ‘always on the run’ . They don’t eat breakfast, are in a hurry to get to places and carry an extra-irritable attitude around. Work is no longer a passion because the body and mind have started off on no energy or enthusiasm.

Wake up early, eat breakfast, beat the traffic, and arrive to work in good shape. A badly treated body hosts a mind that treats everything and everyone badly.

2. Come in early: CEOs of companies have one trait in common — they always come to work early. When you come early, you have a chance to think and plan and make choices.

3. Plan your achievement for the day: When you see a bent-over employee who is bored, frustrated or low, ypu can see ‘randomness at work’ . Even if your job is to clear emails, plan to achieve an empty in-box by the end of the day.

4. Say ‘no’ to distractions: Your family needs your time more than unfriendly gossip. The time spent at the coffee station engaging in corporate politics is a criminal waste of time.

5. Check on work coming your way towards the end of the day: Many employees complain that just when he is about to leave, his boss gives him more work. This is a common feature in many offices . Check with your boss way before you have to leave if your boss needs anything to be done. It does take initial adjustments to explain that you are efficient and can get work done in working hours and go home on time, but it is worth the effort to set that standard for yourself.

6. In the last hour, put in extra focus: You need to stay focused and get all your work done and handled so you can leave on time. You can start winding up any open communication, tasks and even make a plan for the next day. In the corporate rat race, a lot of people have forgotten the purpose of work — it is to have a good life. And to live a good life you need time. How can you do that if your whole life is spent at work? Manage your time smartly; if there is another word for time, it is LIFE.

Source : TOI

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