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Beat the Stress

Stress has become part and parcel of our life and, particularly, workplace today. However, while some stress is a normal part of life, excessive stress can cause numerous mental and physical health problems.

Workplace stress is generally associated with the pressure one is encompassed by the issues at the workplace. Thankfully, however, like other stressors, there’re means to manage that if you simply can’t avoid workplace stress.

Here’re some ways to live with the workplace stress or the stress caused by employment:

1) Learn to live with stress : The biggest issue at workplace is that we are trying to procrastinate and push work which piles up and comes back to haunt us. In today’s competitive world, each organisation in order to keep costs low tries to rightly expect improved efficiency levels with the passage of time. If we get aligned to this fact and spend some time in prioritizing our work and accepting the situation with a rational viewpoint, we shall be able to balance our schedules and also learn to adjust with the same.

2) Learn time management tools & techniques : A great way to live is to accept the world and adjust ourselves to enjoy the way it is. Today with the innovations in technology and training techniques, trainers all over the world impart tools and techniques to enable us enhance our time management skills. This is a sure shot way of knowing what is at hand, what is priority and then execution in a time-bound manner. One can attend trainings at the work place on time management or attend self paced courses to learn and master the art.

3) Trust and confidence : It is believed that the faith is a healer and hence an excellent stress buster. If one has accepted an assignment, the work should not be allowed to take over personal life nor should allow one to feel overburdened by the same. Maintain your confidence in your capabilities and handle the assignment with your utmost dedication and interest. If you enjoy your wok, the stress shall not take its toll.

4) Share rewards and concerns : The biggest advantage of working in the corporate world is the ability to work in a team. A great team player shares the concerns and deadlines with the team and also delegates the responsibilities. This not only takes off the burden but ensures a better result and hence enhanced productivity. Hence stop taking all the load yourself. Share the load and the recognition.

5) Yoga and Meditation : Yoga and meditation today have been proven to a boon for the harried mindset. Indulge in yoga and do meditation for at least half an hour daily preferably early morning  and maintain a good physical exercise regime to beat the toll-taking stress. Today most of the organisations have a gym or yoga facility in-house. Use them and shed your stress.

Source : Economic Times

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