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How to make friends at your new office

Switching jobs can leave you feeling very lost in your new environment. Most of us have faced this situation at some point or the other. But how do you make the new co-worker your friend and break into the already existing tight friend circle? It may seem hard at first but the only way to make friends is to get talking with them.

Introduce yourself to the group. Start with some basic details about yourself, your previous job experiences, etc. Ask them about their lives as well. Try to find some common points in your conversation and remember to listen as they speak. A good friend always listens.Try and keep in the loop about the happenings in your office. During your lunch and coffee break don’t sit by yourself at your desk. Instead, go and eat with your new workmates. This is the time they will discuss their post-work plans and there’s a good chance you’ll get invited too. If there’s a plan for drinks after work, go along. It’s a perfect way to get to know others outside of the office.

Look for hints around the workspace such as family pictures, plants or even posters. This can tell you a lot about your new mates. If your colleague has his/her favourite musician’s picture ask them about it. Similarly it is nice to ask about their kids or pet dog. Once you have broken into the friends’ group, ensure that you keep the bond alive. Why not invite them over for drinks and snacks or suggest your home as a meeting point for cricket match night? This way, they’ll feel you are part of the group.

Source : Economic Times

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