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Frenemies at work

The word ‘frenemy’ is a combination of the words friend and enemy. It refers to a person that you are friends with but may not have your best interests at heart, unlike a true friend. Frenemies exist everywhere, in college, neighbourhood, among one’s friend circle and work too. One needs to be especially cautious while dealing with frenemies at work, simply because chances are that you can face problems at work because of them and for whatever hidden or known reasons that they resent you.

One cannot avoid working with frenemies at work, simply because it’s impossible to work together in the same office with zero interaction. You can’t avoid interaction with them because your professionalism will be questioned for the fact that you are unable to handle personal differences and work together like a mature individual. What one needs to do is learn how to skillfully deal with frenemies at work. Here are some tips on how to do so:

Keep your personal life under wraps: This is the golden rule when it comes to dealing with frenemies. When conversing, do not reveal much about your personal life. You never know, when it might be used against you. Keep you conversation light-heartened, fun and general topics like weather, sports, music, movies etc

Maintain a certain distance: One should be carefully about how frenemies act. They can act like your best friend one day and a arch rival on another. Our advice is do not get over-friendly with your frenemies as this might encourage their frenemy behaviour.

Do not take their words at heart: Frenemies have their own motives for acting the way they do. Once you realise this, do not let their behaviour, comments and opinions bother you. Chances are that, he or she is just trying to get a rise out of you, just to see how easily you get irritated as a person.

Do not introduce them to your true friends: It is a bad idea to introduce one’s frenemies to one’s true friends. The last thing you want is your frenemy’s presence to affect your friendship.

Courtesy : TOI

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