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Don’t Let Others Take Advantage Of You

Is there such a thing as being too nice? One would think not, but sadly, there are times when that may be the case.

It would natural to think that if you treat people nicely they will want to respond in kind. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

Sometimes people confuse kindness with weakness. They feel if you are nice to them, that you will be easy to take advantage of. They think you won’t stand up for yourself and they will be able to manipulate you.

Being nice to people may start an avalanche of requests for favors. Those who are lazy or weak or selfish may try to get someone who is nice to them, to do things for them that they don’t want to do. It can escalate until the nice guy feels it has gotten out of hand and they feel guilty for eventually having to say no.

Acts of kindness can make some people feel they can do what they want to you and you won’t be strong enough to stand up to them. They assume you are a passive person.

You may have been raised to be nice to people but some people have found it easier not to be. They take the path of least resistance and because you choose to be nice, they see you as a threat and a target.

Being nice to people is a definitely a good thing, but it pays to protect yourself. Go ahead and test the waters. Be nice but don’t go all out for someone unless you’re pretty sure you know how they will respond to it. If you see signs that the recipient is testing your kindness, be sure to assert yourself so they know that you can’t be taken advantage of.

Don’t think you always have to be nice. Recognize that in some situations it isn’t necessary or won’t be appreciated. It can even cost you in the long run, so think about who you want to extend your kindness to.

Courtesy : Pearl Murry

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