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Make decisions yourself

There was a man who undertook a long journey with his young son and a mule. The man made his son sit on the mule. After crossing some distance, a passerby stopped them and told the man, “What are you doing? You have put the young fellow on the mule and you are walking. Is he not strong enough to walk?” So the old man made the boy walk, while he sat on the mule. After a little further, another stranger passed by. He scolded the old man saying, “What kind of a father are you – making the young fellow walk all the way?”. So the man made the boy sit on the mule and both travelled together. A third man looking at this remarked, “You have no compassion on this mule. How can this old mule carry both of you?”. So both of them got down and walked with the mule. Now a fourth man passed by. Seeing them he said, “How foolish you are? Mules are meant to carry people, but you are walking with the mule.” Hearing this, the man took his knife and killed the mule to avoid further trouble.

Today’s world bombards us with views of different sorts. TV, Movies, Friends, Elders – each category contributes its share of ideas and each of them may be very convincing. But it is up to us to choose what is best for us. There will always be people, who love you, and those who hate you, and everything in between, but it really has nothing to do with you, it’s their stuff and their triggers. So, make a choice. What feels good and true to your heart, what makes you feel joy? Go with that and let others choose what they want to feel complete. Because, really you have no responsibility for other people’s beliefs and religions, they must choose for themselves. I don’t seek others help to choose dress for me or to tell me what hair style will suit me. My principle is to take the views/inputs from all, do and evaluation based on these inputs and then finally take the decisions yourself. This way, you will never have to repent.

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