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Success Factor

Defining Success : So what does success mean to you? For most of us, its simple the acquisition of all the comforts of life. In layman terms, its owning of volumnous bank balance in Swiss bank, a handsome number of property in the name, a fleet of luxury cars parked outside the house, a beautiful wife and the list goes on. Now I am not going to bore you with old sayings that “you can buy bed from money but not sleep or money does not matter and respect is what matters the most and such stuffs”.

In my perspective, SUCCESS is simple Peace of heart. Yes, its a state of your heart. You earn to live a comfortable and peaceful life. it does not matter that you earn a six figure salary or a bare minimum, if you are satisfied with your life (which is the result of the peace of heart), then you can call yourself a Successfull man no matter what world calls you as.

Achieving Success : Well, if success is all about peace and being satisfied, the default question that arises is how to achieve this peace factor. The interesting fact is that when you have understood and accepted the afore said definition of success, you are half-way through achieving it.

Next, you must inculcate the attitude of being contempt with what you have. I ain’t saying you are greedy but our default setting is like that. It is said that even if a man owned a golden forest, he would wish for the second one. So lets get rid of this want-more attitude and be satified with what we have.

Secondly, cease comparing yourself with others. If you would like to have all that is with others, you are compelling yourself to fall into the trap of greed once again. You might not know that the man sitting at the back seat is devoid of the peace that the driver carrying him has or you dont know how annoying the woman is to her husband whose beauty makes you stare her face or how much the person is stressed whose is wearing Microsoft tag around his neck.

If you are not an atheist, just think that your fate has already been pendown and all is going to happen according to that. So why to worry about something which has already been decided. Now you may blame me of motivating you to be sluggish and lazy. To make the mess clear, let me tell you that GOD is just and he does not show any partiality. So if you sit down at home and don’t go for work, there isn’t going to be any credit in your salary account. The very fact that you gave up going for work is indicative of commencement of harder times written in your book of fate.

Lastly, there is a limitation-boundary set for everything in this world. You can wear only one dress at a time even though you have many, you can live only in a small place even though you have your property scattered all around the globe and even there is a limit for the quantity of food you take, the time you withstand pleasing your wife on the bed and so on. So what if you become the richest person on the face of earth (and surely it would be in the possession of your heirs one day as nothing including you in this world is permanent) when you are not going to utilize your hard-earned money which made your competitors your enemy. I have seen many people in Bridal Bouquet who put so much of food out of their greed that they could not eat and hence surrender it to trash at the end.

So, the way you think plays a vital role in keeping you happy and content.

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