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The Real Meaning of Marriage – Truths You Must Know to Make Your Marriage a Success

happy-married-coupleThere is no gain saying the fact that the institution of marriage is God’s initiative to cater for the totality of human’s life – physical, emotional psychological and spiritual. However a survey of marred world shows that this institution has been thoroughly messed up that why I have taken time to bring you to light of the real meaning and acceptable norms in marriage.
Marriage is the union of one man and one woman who are bond together by love. Their hearts beat as one, they move upward, onward and Godward. Honesty, kindness, sincerity, integrity, dignity and love are foundational structures of marriages.
For your marriage to succeed, you must have a self concept which is the sum total of your self image, self esteem and self idea. Never go into marital relationship on a force premise. It is not true marriage when someone marries because of the other person’s money, social status, to boost ego or even of a married name. This indicates lack of true love, honesty and sincerity; such a union is a slam, a masquerade and a force.

One truth you must know in life is that love is what love does. If your own love is doing something else, it is false love not real love. One who loves his or her partner does not do anything unloving or unkind in action, word or manner to his or her partner.
Ignorance of the real meaning and truths on marriage is the cause of all marital unhappiness. Cease trying to make another person a second edition of yourself; but help him/her be the best. Never try to make your spouse over. There is no one to change but yourself. There must be mutual freedom, respect and love in your partner.

Marriage success starts from the mind even before you go into it because you cannot feature in a feature that you cannot picture. You must be mutually developed to have a successful marital relationship. You must build into your mentality the mental equivalent of what you want in your marriage and union. If you want to attract honest, sincere, caring and loving person you must be honest, sincere, caring and loving yourself. Life is about sowing and reaping, you must invest to harvest.

The success of your marriage lies in your own hand. You must pay the price to get the prize which is favorable marital circumstances. Your head, heart and hands must be involved to make your marriage work and remember the heart is the chalice of love. The best time to avoid divorce is before marriage; look before you jump into a marital union. Prepare, package yourself and be positive and surely your better half will come and tie the knot with you.

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