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Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Long-Distance-RelationshipLong distance relationships (LDR) work because of the time and effort put into them. With these two elements coupled with a healthy dose of commitment, you can make your relationship work too! Take a look at 7 tips to make your long distance relationships work:

Tip 1 – There is no excuse for not keeping in touch. Contact with your sweetie can provide reassurance that your LDR is intact. Pretend you’re in Kalamazoo and your girlfriend is in Wichita. When you first hooked up you talked to each other all the time. You both knew what each others day-to-day life was like. Now it’s two months later and you haven’t heard from her in a week; your calls are going straight to voicemail. What’s going on? Is she hurt, does she still like you, has she met someone new? The unknown is a powerful beast that can severely damage a relationship, so do what you must to keep in touch.

Tip 2 – Have long distance relationship, will travel. Visit your LDR love as much as reasonably possible. Scheduling time to spend together is another way to reinforce your commitment to the relationship. Set a goal to try to make it happen about every 6 weeks. The key is that you’re both willing and wanting to make the sacrifice of time and money to see each other. It makes a bold statement about how important the relationship is…and it gives both of you something to look forward to!

Tip 3 – You don’t have to be there to get there! Who says you have to be in the same room to make the lovin’ happen? Use this time to be creative with your intimacy. Web cams, cell phones, the Internet, and the like can all be handy tools to create some really exciting intimate moments with your LDR lover. *Disclaimer: Remember to BE WISE AND BE CAREFUL! What happens on the net, stays on the net…forever.

Tip 4 – Romantic moments can be simple and sweet. Your distance beau has a birthday coming up. Unfortunately you can’t be there to celebrate with him but you still want to do something sweet. Find a steakhouse in his town that and arrange to have the entire meal ordered and paid for when he arrives. After a long day at work and weeks of missing you, this simple gesture might be just what he needs lift his spirits.

Tip 5 – Know where you stand. Do you know where you stand in your long distance relationship? Do you refer to each other with the same romantic labels? It’s especially important to know how your relationship is being defined. Definitions limit ambiguity and provide structure. Are you calling each other friends, girlfriend & boyfriend, friends with benefits? Be sure you’re both on the same page about how you refer to each other and your relationship.

Tip 6 – What’s the long-term plan? For people in long distance relationship who plan to eventually be together, setting a long-term goal for when the distance living will come to an end is essential. Knowing you have something and someone waiting for you at the end of a year of living apart can make the distance in the relationship a little more tolerable.

Tip 7 – Trust is key. If you don’t trust that your LDR lover respects you and your commitment in your absence, think about re-evaluating the relationship. Long distance relationship partners have to be willing to trust each other completely. You have to believe that your significant other has your best interest at heart at all times. When doubt creeps in, problems arise.

Relationships are supposed to be fun. You too can make your long distance relationships work with time, effort and commitment.

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