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What Exactly Pushes Your Girlfriend Cheating on You?

Cheating Girl FriendInfidelity is never an ingredient of a happy relationship. If you want to prevent your girlfriend from cheating on you, you have to understand the reasons for this possibility. Being proactive is much better and easier than curing the infidelity problem.

She hasn’t found satisfaction in the relationship.

Like men, women have different expectations in the relationship. They are slightly different from men, though. They expect to be listened to, cuddled, surprised and respected as a person. They expect someone who understands why she wants a new bag, spends a longer time in front of the mirror and most importantly, what she believes in. If you fail to address her needs, she’ll feel dissatisfied and will most likely seek contentment from someone else.

She feels neglected and taken advantage.

Do you appreciate her simple efforts to make the relationship work? Do you compliment her for the cookies she made, gifts she bought and the times she comforted you when you were down? If you don’t, she feels neglected in the relationship. If another guy gives her the attention you should have been allotting to her, she’ll consider it a form of bait. If you continue to be insensitive, she might walk away from your life.

She’s sick of your irritating behaviors.

Women looks for different characteristics in men. Some love the no-secret policy but others dislike those who lack mystery. Some consider their partner a gentleman if they don’t pay for their dates but others opt to contribute in paying the bills. Some love guys who makes them laugh but others find seriousness and depth wonderfully challenging. Well, love should not change who you are but for a relationship to exist, you should not forget to compromise. If you don’t have this value, you’ll end up pestering her with your ways. In effect, she might be tempted to escape from you.

She doesn’t find you responsible enough.

You can’t take away security as a main requirement women look for in the relationship. A slothful man turns them off. They opine those who lack initiative must be constantly reminded and pushed. If she has to bug you to move from time to time, she’ll eventually get weary of your irresponsibility. She’d rather find someone who inspires her with his milestones and achievements.

She feels no more spark.

It may be painful to admit but it’s possible for a woman to feel out of love with her partner. No matter how much she tries to revive the spark, she just can’t squeeze out a drop anymore. In times like this, she’d love to spend time with friends than with you. When everything else has become dull for her, don’t be shocked to know she’s going out with another guy.

Now that you’re already aware of the reasons why she would cheat on you, you know how to handle the relationship better. You can still do something to prevent her from turning away from you by considering her needs and being the best that you can be.

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