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Birthday Gift

A young boy wakes up on his birthday and heads downstairs. His family is poor, so his dad can only give him a duck and send him to town to trade for a gift.

Along the way, he runs into a prostitute who is heading home after a quiet night. The prostitute says “Hey kid, how’d you like to have some fun?”

The kid only has the duck to trade, but the prostitute agrees. Afterward, the prostitute is so impressed by the kid that she wants to have sex again. He doesn’t really want to, so she offers him the duck to do it again and he agrees.

As the kid is walking back home with his duck, a truck comes flying around the corner and just misses him, but completely squashes the duck.

The truck driver jumps out of the cab and says, “Oh no, kid, I’m so sorry! Let me pay for the duck. Here’s $24. It’s all I have.”

The kid shrugs and takes the money and heads home where his Dad greets him at the door. “So, did you have a fun birthday?”

“Sure did, Dad. I got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, and 24 bucks for a fucked-up duck.”

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