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A Light on Life-Line of Chennaites

Chennai has its own reason for its uniqueness. It stands alone from the other Metros of India in various ways, mainly its people who are known to be men of culture. The fast spaced development taking place in the city(mainly due to I.T industry) gives it a cosmopolitan character, with people from different cast, community and religion residing in its heart. However the natives of Tamil Nadu are very particular about their value system and beliefs. My observation says that Chennai is populated by the best of intellect, awareness and quality of character in its citizens.

Chennaites are world famous for their hospitality and warmth. They strongly adhere to their age-old custom and traditions. Usually the day of a Tamil household begins with early rising and performing religious rites like reciting quraan, mantras or going to worship places etc. The doorsteps are decorated with kolam (decorative patterns made on the floor with rice powder) on daily basis which attribute to the religious significance. Chennaites are very religious and visit their worship places regularly. Muslims are observed to be consistent in performing their five times prayers, but a major chunk of population pays the visit on Friday. All the religious ceremonies, rites and festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show. Breaking of coconuts and pumpkins, carrying deities to the beaches, MUSLIMS heading towards the mosque with their caps, HINDUS applying CHANDANAM (sandal paste) and saffron on their foreheads, chorus sounds of ALLU-LUVIYA are all A reflection on the deep interest of chennaites in their own religion. People are content mainly due to their simple needs and desires. You can find even high profile people taking pride in wearing LUNGI. Another fact that is worth noting is that almost all the political leaders have their association with entertainment industry (cinema). People here are very helpful and cooperative, so if by chance you find yourself lost in the meandering streets of the city, do not panic, somebody will definitely help you. The residents of Chennai are the believer of ‘Love Thy Neighbor’. They build harmonious relationship in their surrounding and vicinity and leave no scope for isolation.

Apart from this, there are a number of people from different cultures residing in the city. This has made Chennai, an absolute blend of varied culture and life style. The city has a considerable population of Sindhis, Gujratis, Malayalees, Muslims and Kannadis who live in perfect harmony with each other and present and excellent example of unity in diversity. Thus, Chennai is a paradise for all those who want to experience the true spirit of the country we call India.

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