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Unguided Youths

The youth of today is nations hope. If the youths are guided and nurtured in the righteous manner, only then they can become the men of value and efficient leaders to arrest corruption and lead the nation to the path of progress. But my question is how much society is concerned about transforming these youngsters into leaders of tomorrow?

Well, out of five stages of life (infancy, childhood, adolescence, middle age and old age), adolescence is the toughest stage. Life for many youths at this stage involves a painful tug-of-war consisting of mixed messages, unanswerable questions of emotions and incompatible demands from parents, teachers, friends etc. The transition from childhood to adulthood is a difficult process. For teenagers, it is a confusing time involving tremendous and emotional change. Parents are now too busy and do not have time to talk to their children about these physical and emotional changes. Some feel shy to discuss about this subject with their children. As a result, many youngsters have no choice but to talk to their friends about sexual matters or remain in the dark area of sexuality.

Another day while I was returning from college in the train, one of my friends asked me, why does the sex drive starts at age thirteen, but one is not licensed to use it until marriage? I gently smiled and replied, My Dear, we wait for buses at bus stands, we wait for trains at railway stations, we wait in queue for getting tickets, we wait at ration shop for our turn to come, so why not wait for the apt time to use your license? of course, this is the common question that every individual of my age carries in his/her mind. There is no proper guidance for these young people who are experiencing the most critical phase of life. You know, if you leave a field untouched, dont irrigate it, dont bow the seed, then automatically weeds and insects will find place into it. These youths, with no proper guidance, become sexually educated by myths and concepts generated within the society. We are in the age where technology has taken over emotions. Media is shaping these youngsters in its own way. Sex is being used to sell everything from toothpaste to tea. Half of the advertising we see and hear is connected to sex appeal. God has given us a mind and a free will to choose what goes into that mind. We ought not to fill our minds with the so much garbage that media offers.

Internet is the main source of pornography which is major factor encouraging continued masturbation.. This may become a serious area of conflict affecting even the future of youth. I have heard that 99 of one hundred boys & girls masturbate and the other one is liar. Clothes are getting shorter and shorter in the name of fashion, which is considered to be a new morality. I would rather call it as immorality, a way of skin show. There is much difference between being fashionable and being modest. When I whizz past my memories back to some 8 years, I remember that Tamilians were an example for those who adhere to their own culture. But I am pained to say that now WESTERN INFLUENCE has crept into Tamil life style too. I agree that fashion is cultural, but within the various cultures, masculinity must be preserved. It is rightly said that Many people use their youth to make their old age miserable.

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