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Man’s Misuse of Freewill

Man’s urges for the satisfaction hunger; sleep and sex cover the entire spectrum of his living condition on earth. They were given to man for his survival and maintenance on earth.

The hunger and thirst that man could satisfy with a loaf and a glass of water or feeling contented with what is available to him/her at ease and at hand is destroying the human edifice in a continuous process and multiplying his problems manifold, making the human life unbearable of hundreds of millions in the developing and underdeveloped countries who have little or no access to get this natural urge satisfied at peace.  The colonial powers and the occupiers have robbed their natural resources ruthlessly to satisfy their own mania of ever-increasing life standard and are miserly holding their “robbed” capital shamelessly in their banks and financial holding companies. What a curse it is for the great powers of Europe and America!

He needs a few hours of sleep and that he could get even lying on hard stones if he is overpowered by his tiresome work. But man went on increasing the luxuries of life. He wants luxurious houses, foam or water spring beds, air condition living rooms and sleeping piles.   If he could live within the natural means available, he could live in peace. However, man is found running after these urges day in and day out, like a “mad-man”, crazy to fulfill them by hook or crook, by fare or foul means, by honest or crocked means. He never feels satisfied and always cries: more and more, creating lopsided economies in the world and in every human society, dividing it in “haves and have-nots”, affluent and deprived, rich and poor, making the scenario worst and worst with every day and night: the rich is getting richer and the poor becoming poorer even by hours.

The urge that was given to man for the continuation of his species on earth through the process of procreation and the institution of marriage between man and woman has seriously been endangered by man through his perverted behavior of having sex with the same gender or committing the most heinous crime of homosexuality, a crime against human race being committed by humans for the satisfaction of his sexual urges in the most unnatural, unhealthy and shameless manner that is worse than animal behavior. Man is again misusing his freewill to satisfy his urge for sex out of wedlock thereby belittling the institution of marriage and the future of humanity at large.

The freewill of man has a choice to do wrong as well as free to do good and there lies its accountability after death as how he acted, lived and behaved on earth to make it a hell or a heaven for himself as well as for his species. Accordingly, he will be punished or rewarded in the life Hereafter – the ultimate reality that each human being will face when resurrected after death.

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