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My College Life

December 25, 2012 Leave a comment

It was one of the many serious (seriously boring) classes when my headphone plucked out of my NOKIA 6233 slot and my favorite song ‘Rang De Basanti” resounded the entire class, disturbing the concentration of the studious galls ( padips as we call them). Multiple pairs of eyes set to stare at my desk and my fear factor surpassed the red zone. I stood up and uttered those four polite words “I am sorry ma’am”. Thank GOD, the magical word SORRY came to my rescue and after a long ear-piercing sermon, which lasted for some 20 mints and my false assurance of not carrying my favorite gadget to college again, I was made to sit down (SORRY is the word which costs nothing but still pays highly).

Well, to make the topic clear, I will now give you some more

insights of my college life. I (as a college student) am punctual. Couldn’t

believe? Yes, I am punctual in punctually coming late and being sent out of the class, only to enjoy the canteen delicacies. No wonder, I feel proud to be an out-standing students (one who always stands at the door) of class. I am in love with cultural and symposiums because I can bunk classes in its name from morning till evening and day after another and still get attendance. Submission is the only time I get to see all my classmates, who are those familiar faces that I often see at Spencer Plaza, City Center, Ispahani, Marina Beach or at the cinema halls.

I honestly follow the class etiquette; I keep quite in classroom and

I respect the fact that others are sleeping unlike the lecturers who have the

bad habit of disturbing while others are snoring. I don’t say I am a genius

guy but I bet I can finish a 1000 pages book in just one night before the exam irrespective of the fact that author took a year long to write the same. I am an optimist and arrears never bother me. I always remember the inspiring words of my role model Bill Gates, “I had many arrears while I was studying. Now I own MICROSOFT. My mates who had no arrears are my employees now”. Late night messaging is my ORDER OF THE NIGHT and even if the entire musicians join together to create a melody to make me sleep, I am sure they can never win over my textbooks. Though I didn’t invent a new machine or design a new process, I certainly am a master

in making paper rockets and perhaps an expert in throwing them, usually at the members of the opposite sex. College authorities are certainly not impressed by my activities and I think, by now they have learned to live with it. After all, college life comes once in life and these fun-filled pranks are what make college life a college life.

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