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What Exactly Pushes Your Girlfriend Cheating on You?

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Cheating Girl FriendInfidelity is never an ingredient of a happy relationship. If you want to prevent your girlfriend from cheating on you, you have to understand the reasons for this possibility. Being proactive is much better and easier than curing the infidelity problem.

She hasn’t found satisfaction in the relationship.

Like men, women have different expectations in the relationship. They are slightly different from men, though. They expect to be listened to, cuddled, surprised and respected as a person. They expect someone who understands why she wants a new bag, spends a longer time in front of the mirror and most importantly, what she believes in. If you fail to address her needs, she’ll feel dissatisfied and will most likely seek contentment from someone else.

She feels neglected and taken advantage.

Do you appreciate her simple efforts to make the relationship work? Do you compliment her for the cookies she made, gifts she bought and the times she comforted you when you were down? If you don’t, she feels neglected in the relationship. If another guy gives her the attention you should have been allotting to her, she’ll consider it a form of bait. If you continue to be insensitive, she might walk away from your life.

She’s sick of your irritating behaviors.

Women looks for different characteristics in men. Some love the no-secret policy but others dislike those who lack mystery. Some consider their partner a gentleman if they don’t pay for their dates but others opt to contribute in paying the bills. Some love guys who makes them laugh but others find seriousness and depth wonderfully challenging. Well, love should not change who you are but for a relationship to exist, you should not forget to compromise. If you don’t have this value, you’ll end up pestering her with your ways. In effect, she might be tempted to escape from you.

She doesn’t find you responsible enough.

You can’t take away security as a main requirement women look for in the relationship. A slothful man turns them off. They opine those who lack initiative must be constantly reminded and pushed. If she has to bug you to move from time to time, she’ll eventually get weary of your irresponsibility. She’d rather find someone who inspires her with his milestones and achievements.

She feels no more spark.

It may be painful to admit but it’s possible for a woman to feel out of love with her partner. No matter how much she tries to revive the spark, she just can’t squeeze out a drop anymore. In times like this, she’d love to spend time with friends than with you. When everything else has become dull for her, don’t be shocked to know she’s going out with another guy.

Now that you’re already aware of the reasons why she would cheat on you, you know how to handle the relationship better. You can still do something to prevent her from turning away from you by considering her needs and being the best that you can be.

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Getting Over a Breakup

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getting_over_after_breakupEveryone dreams of having a perfect relationship. However, it is undeniable that some men and women experience several issues. The typical examples of these issues are infidelity, cheating, and extramarital affairs. These issues may soon lead to the destruction of relationships. Those people who are experiencing this may encounter emotional distress and other undesired effects. Now, if you know some tips on how to get over an affair, you can easily start your new and healthy life.
There are several ways on how to get over an affair. All you need is courage to overcome your situation. If you don’t know how to deal with your present condition, the succeeding paragraphs deeply explain the different ways on how to get over an affair.

Take time to heal your broken relationship

Both parties greatly need some time and space. The main purpose of this is to think about their relationship. You can spend an ample time on your work and unwind. As times goes by, you will soon notice that you have already gotten over your broken affair.

Affair acceptance

Once an affair exists, you can’t do anything but to accept it. Through acceptance, you can fight your emotional distress and other undesired feelings. In addition, you don’t need to start the conversation regarding affairs just to blame your partner. All you need is to find ways on how you can enhance your relationship.

Ensure that the affair is totally ended

Since you already accepted the affair of your partner, all you need is to ensure that your partner has actually ended the relationship with the cheating party. If in case the cheating party still continuous the affair, it merely shows that their commitment level is not worth saving.

Spend quality time together with your partner

One way to heal the broken relationship is through spending quality time together. Some great examples of these are through having a dinner date and other romantic activities. In this simple way, you can rebuild the love and trust with your partner and rekindle the old flame.

It is true that getting over an affair is not so simple. Before you completely overcome your condition, you need to fight your strong emotions, especially your anger. You also need to spend a lot of time to heal your condition. However, there is one main solution for your problem and this is the so-called forgiveness. Forgiveness actually comes naturally and it mainly depends on how your partner responses to your present situation. Once your partner asks for forgiveness, you need to know if he is really sincere. If you think that he genuinely regrets what he did, then, you can give him a second chance.

In any type of relationships especially that of couples, getting over an affair is very essential. Those couples with children greatly need to solve the affairs to secure and save the family.

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Life After an Affair – How to Recover

January 17, 2013 1 comment

relationship difficultiesFor several women with cheating spouses, life after an affair is probably the most difficult to deal with. After all the pain and misery that you have gone through, here you are, looking at the man you married in a totally different light, and faced with a question on whether you can still go on with your married life in a normal way. Read the following advices to guide you with how to deal with your marriage life now that your husband has ruined your trust in him.

Reconciliation Should Be a Mutual Effort

Your husband may have ruined your trust in him for having cheated on you, but there are reasons behind his infidelity. If you feel that you are at fault why your husband has decided to look for someone else, then you must be able to ask forgiveness from him, in the same way that you also forgive him for what he has done. Reconciliation should be the first step in moving on with your married life, and soon enough, you will be able to bring back the trust that you once have for him.

Set Clear Guidelines with Your Husband

If you find it hard to move on with your marriage life because of your husband’s affair in the past, I suggest that you set clear guidelines with him in order to straighten things out. Be open about your feelings – let him know what makes you feel upset and ask him to assure you that he will not do the same mistakes ever again. Learning how to compromise with your husband is very important in order for you to regain back the trust and respect that you once had for him.

Make Some Efforts to Forget Everything

It is hard to forgive, but it is much harder to forget. But if you really want to save your marriage even after your husband has cheated on you, then you have to make some efforts to heal your heart in order to forgive your spouse and eventually forget what he has done. There is nothing wrong with giving second chances, especially if it is for the benefit of your marriage.

Consider Marriage Counseling

If after all the efforts you still feel that you are struggling to move on with your marriage life because of what your husband has done, it’s time that you seek help from the professionals. Talk to your husband about the possibility of going for a marriage counseling. Sometimes, it is hard to solve your marital problems on your own – you need guidance from people who are experts on dealing with these things.

Hopefully, all the tips mentioned above could help solve your marital bliss and regain the trust that you once had. Forgiveness is actually the most important thing to do in order to move on right after your troubled marriage life. And more importantly, make sure that you and your spouse must work hand in hand in facing this marriage crisis of yours.

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Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

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Long-Distance-RelationshipLong distance relationships (LDR) work because of the time and effort put into them. With these two elements coupled with a healthy dose of commitment, you can make your relationship work too! Take a look at 7 tips to make your long distance relationships work:

Tip 1 – There is no excuse for not keeping in touch. Contact with your sweetie can provide reassurance that your LDR is intact. Pretend you’re in Kalamazoo and your girlfriend is in Wichita. When you first hooked up you talked to each other all the time. You both knew what each others day-to-day life was like. Now it’s two months later and you haven’t heard from her in a week; your calls are going straight to voicemail. What’s going on? Is she hurt, does she still like you, has she met someone new? The unknown is a powerful beast that can severely damage a relationship, so do what you must to keep in touch.

Tip 2 – Have long distance relationship, will travel. Visit your LDR love as much as reasonably possible. Scheduling time to spend together is another way to reinforce your commitment to the relationship. Set a goal to try to make it happen about every 6 weeks. The key is that you’re both willing and wanting to make the sacrifice of time and money to see each other. It makes a bold statement about how important the relationship is…and it gives both of you something to look forward to!

Tip 3 – You don’t have to be there to get there! Who says you have to be in the same room to make the lovin’ happen? Use this time to be creative with your intimacy. Web cams, cell phones, the Internet, and the like can all be handy tools to create some really exciting intimate moments with your LDR lover. *Disclaimer: Remember to BE WISE AND BE CAREFUL! What happens on the net, stays on the net…forever.

Tip 4 – Romantic moments can be simple and sweet. Your distance beau has a birthday coming up. Unfortunately you can’t be there to celebrate with him but you still want to do something sweet. Find a steakhouse in his town that and arrange to have the entire meal ordered and paid for when he arrives. After a long day at work and weeks of missing you, this simple gesture might be just what he needs lift his spirits.

Tip 5 – Know where you stand. Do you know where you stand in your long distance relationship? Do you refer to each other with the same romantic labels? It’s especially important to know how your relationship is being defined. Definitions limit ambiguity and provide structure. Are you calling each other friends, girlfriend & boyfriend, friends with benefits? Be sure you’re both on the same page about how you refer to each other and your relationship.

Tip 6 – What’s the long-term plan? For people in long distance relationship who plan to eventually be together, setting a long-term goal for when the distance living will come to an end is essential. Knowing you have something and someone waiting for you at the end of a year of living apart can make the distance in the relationship a little more tolerable.

Tip 7 – Trust is key. If you don’t trust that your LDR lover respects you and your commitment in your absence, think about re-evaluating the relationship. Long distance relationship partners have to be willing to trust each other completely. You have to believe that your significant other has your best interest at heart at all times. When doubt creeps in, problems arise.

Relationships are supposed to be fun. You too can make your long distance relationships work with time, effort and commitment.

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Importance of Communication in a Relationship

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couple-talkingEvery relationship goes through a rough patch once in awhile. It is entirely unavoidable. It is the result of two different people spending a great deal of time together. Eventually, aspects of one’s personality will come out that will annoy the other, habits will cause concern, and just simple gestures can turn into a major argument.
When this happens, it does not necessarily mean that the relationship is over. But it does mean that you need to decide to turn your attention to righting what has gone wrong. There are two simple things you can do that will help in solving relationship problems: communicate with your partner and work at making changes.


The phrase “communication is key” may be somewhat of a cliche at this point, but it is absolutely vital in solving relationship problems. It does not matter how hard you work, what gifts you bring, or what efforts you make if you do not know what is bothering your partner.

Men and women alike can be horrible at this aspect of a relationship, both having a tendency to only hear exactly what they want to hear. Pay attention to the other person’s words – not just the gist of what they are saying. Certain wording can give a hint as to deeper problems, and you can often find that what is really needed may not be what has been verbally communicated.

Working on Problems

The other, perhaps harder, part of solving relationship problems is having the willingness to work on those problems. Some want quick fixes – a romantic dinner, a vacation, jewelry – but these are no better than band aids on an open wound. Many times, real, legitimate work is needed.
This is not to say that you should change your personality for your partner, but you do need to be respectful of that person if you wish to remain together. Working on problems can mean anything from starting to help around the house more to attending counseling, but you must do whatever is necessary to address your partner’s concerns. If you find yourself unwilling or unable to do this, you should question your commitment to the relationship.

Many problems can be solved simply through better communication and a willingness to work through differences. Making an effort will please most partners, especially if the effort is made relatively early into the problem. While you cannot, and should not, change everything about yourself just to please another person, you should be willing to make sacrifices if you take your relationship seriously.

Just make sure that this process is always a two way street, and many problems can be avoided in the long run.

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Can colleagues be friends?

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FYour best friend has got a new job and now he is your teammate at work. But wait is it really a reason to rejoice? It is often said that when you mix your personal and professional life, things get a little difficult to handle. So, can your workplace attract fair weather friends? Or will the political undercurrents run it down?

It’s a little tricky situation as at one point of time you are treading on delicate ground, and in the other you are like soul mates. When friends become colleagues, many often tend to mix up the two. That’s where they go wrong. If you have had a heated argument at work, leave it inside the four walls of your office. Don’t let it affect your personal relationship with the person.

I had a friend in my subordinate. My ideas and thoughts never matched. I wasn’t even satisfied with the way he executed his work and this led to a lot of arguments and fights. Also, he never considered me as his boss so didn’t take my orders seriously which again would lead to a tilt. But once we were out of office we made sure we didn’t carry the differences back home.

Many feel that making friends at office will make the work life enjoyable. Making friends at office for me is very important. It helps me perform better as the atmosphere is very clam and less stressful with people who know and understand you. Bad relationships with colleagues hamper your work and can turn a workplace into a nightmare. Of course you cannot get along with everyone at work and there will be an occasional prickly co-worker, but there’s little you can do about that.

It is easy to end up as friends in an office set up. Most people do not wish to mix their professional and personal life. It’s surprising for me as colleagues are the people with whom you spend the maximum time. So, how can you not turn them into your confidantes?

The reason is cut-throat competition. We are in such a competitive atmosphere that we find it really risky to be friends with someone from our own team. Sharing my personal details or even what I am going through professionally I feel might be used against me. So I consider it ‘safe’ not to have colleagues as friends but I do not mind making friends with people from other teams. Earlier in my professional life I have faced instances where a friend turned foe. Jealousy and nasty behaviour made our relationship sour. So now I make friends at work provided we are from different teams as misunderstandings are inevitable. There is little you can do about frenemies. Whether it’s your friend who is now your colleague or vice versa, one needs to be a tad careful.

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The Real Meaning of Marriage – Truths You Must Know to Make Your Marriage a Success

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happy-married-coupleThere is no gain saying the fact that the institution of marriage is God’s initiative to cater for the totality of human’s life – physical, emotional psychological and spiritual. However a survey of marred world shows that this institution has been thoroughly messed up that why I have taken time to bring you to light of the real meaning and acceptable norms in marriage.
Marriage is the union of one man and one woman who are bond together by love. Their hearts beat as one, they move upward, onward and Godward. Honesty, kindness, sincerity, integrity, dignity and love are foundational structures of marriages.
For your marriage to succeed, you must have a self concept which is the sum total of your self image, self esteem and self idea. Never go into marital relationship on a force premise. It is not true marriage when someone marries because of the other person’s money, social status, to boost ego or even of a married name. This indicates lack of true love, honesty and sincerity; such a union is a slam, a masquerade and a force.

One truth you must know in life is that love is what love does. If your own love is doing something else, it is false love not real love. One who loves his or her partner does not do anything unloving or unkind in action, word or manner to his or her partner.
Ignorance of the real meaning and truths on marriage is the cause of all marital unhappiness. Cease trying to make another person a second edition of yourself; but help him/her be the best. Never try to make your spouse over. There is no one to change but yourself. There must be mutual freedom, respect and love in your partner.

Marriage success starts from the mind even before you go into it because you cannot feature in a feature that you cannot picture. You must be mutually developed to have a successful marital relationship. You must build into your mentality the mental equivalent of what you want in your marriage and union. If you want to attract honest, sincere, caring and loving person you must be honest, sincere, caring and loving yourself. Life is about sowing and reaping, you must invest to harvest.

The success of your marriage lies in your own hand. You must pay the price to get the prize which is favorable marital circumstances. Your head, heart and hands must be involved to make your marriage work and remember the heart is the chalice of love. The best time to avoid divorce is before marriage; look before you jump into a marital union. Prepare, package yourself and be positive and surely your better half will come and tie the knot with you.

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