Office Woes for Newbies

There is one day when you’re an adult, but feel like a newborn, a day when you are the center of attention and there’s not much you can do to avoid it. It’s your first day at the workplace.

From being perfectly dressed to having the enthusiasm to kill competition, from having the right ‘vibe’ to avoiding overdoing it, every youngster’s experience has been shaped by his/her assumptions of what the ‘real’ world will be like. But alas! More often, the dressing up has led to dressing down, and that goody-goody smile led to no good. However, the comforting news is that everyone’s had their own experience of being ‘new’, so unless you’ve been exceptionally daft, you needn’t worry because the memories will soon fade.

Office atmosphere is already set, but very often newcomers walk in with ideologies of their own, and when the mindsets clash, it’s not a battle with only one’s confidence; now, the aborigines of the workplace are also in the battlefield, and you aren’t really sure what to make out of yourself in that havoc.

Being qualified professionally is one thing, and facing the corporate world is quite another. The after effects have often left a bitter taste in the buds. However, many a times, right confidence and apt knowledge can help you sail through successfully.

Not everyone gels well with their first job. Sticking through with something that doesn’t match your idea of who you are is sometimes a compromise you aren’t ready to make.

There’s no foolproof way of being the superstar at work from day one. However, you can avoid being an out-and-out klutz. Call in advance and get the timings and dress code.” Be open minded. By being on your guard all the time, you’re just sticking out like a sore thumb. Take it easy on yourself. Remember, everyone’s had their own first-timer’s jitters, and there’ll always be new recruits who’ll have similar experiences. You’re not the first, and definitely not the last!

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