Productive worker Vs looking-busy

PW1. They have a plan for the day.

When this man walks into the office he has a definitive plan on what to do. He is usually the person who gets people to work and is a great taskmaster. He sees people as a resource and builds professionally sound relationships at work. He pushes people towards performance because that is usually a part of his plan. So whether he is dealing with a customer, subordinate or senior he generally means business.

LBW1. They have no plan of their own.

They walk into the office with a “Lets see what to do” or “Go with the flow” attitude. When you look closely they usually start of with the work they left off the last day. So they land up doing yesterday’s work. They have a general feeling of being lost. They spend their time tending to work that comes their way and are a target for the taskmasters to run chores for them. Because they have no plans for their day, career and life, they become a part of other people’s plan.

PW2. They work the plan.

They are creative, responsible and accountable. Since the productive workers have an agenda, they are highly creative in coming up with possibilities and solutions to make things happen. They instinctively rise to leadership because they take responsibility and own up the results, good or bad.

LBW2. They wait for instructions.

The looking-busy workers usually get instructed by the productive workers. They don’t take decisions themselves because they don’t want to fall into the responsibility trap of owning up results which they fear will turn out bad. They bank on others to make decisions for them, so there is always someone else to blame. They are also a frustrated lot; since they don’t take responsibility they don’t get a share of the credit when things go right. They are distracted and distractive by nature and need to be pushed and motivated to get on track with their work.

PW3. They deliver results.

The productive workers are so called because they deliver results. They are not afraid of making mistakes and usually will work at turning a bad deal around. They know that results are sometimes not optimum and they also know that the game is not over when things don’t turn out as expected. It’s over when the results are delivered as expected and that needs tenacity to make things happen eventually even when the results are initially bad.

LBW3. Delivering results is a frightful task.

For the low-lying busy looking worker achievement is not a driving force; it is a hindrance. Since they have low self esteem and lessening faith in their abilities, success is an alien thought. Motivation is a blind spot and the more you push them, the more they recluse. They can deliver daily tasks but results span over a period of time and they cannot keep vision of that.

A lot of people would like to believe they are productive and not just looking busy, and maybe if you do a comparative analysis you can get a reality check not just on your time spent at work but also on your career graph for the future.

If you have found yourself in the trap of the ‘very busy looking worker’, it’s time to own up and take some risks with your working style because if you are not producing results then life will busily pass you by.

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