Tips to turn your career crisis into a success story

An unprecedented layoff ? An unforeseen emergency? A nervous breakdown? An unpleasant divorce? These are some of the critical situations we all deal with in life. Many a times, working professionals are hit by some sudden crisis, personal or situational and every thing seems to be falling apart for them. Performance dips and personally too, one loses confidence and the urge to move further.But the question here is, how does one bounce back after a career crisis?

The crisis could be emotional, social (including personal) and professional – meaning inadequacy with skills. The social and emotional crises would also affect the professional life of an individual. A person, who is not happy at home, cannot give his/her best at work. We have issues and if not addressed at the right time, could turn into problems. Sometimes, there are no solutions to a problem; we have to wait for it to tide over.
The course of life is very unpredictable. Even a well-planned life can be turned topsy turvy with a family/personal crisis or a health issue. Crisis can be from the least expected ends.

When one talks of a career that lasts 15-20 years, crises are almost an occupational hazard (health issues, burnouts, layoffs, domestic challenges, etc); the list is longer than you can point a stick at. Taking stock of the situation is important. One needs to go backwards – take a quick recap of the events and analyze what the root cause was. When one is down, the only option is to rise and march upwards. This approach needs to be adopted. Look at one’s strengths and build on that. Positive thinking, belief in self and positive approach are the basic requirements any successful individual should be equipped with to grow. And this includes acceptance of the situation that there is always light at the other end of the tunnel.

Most crisis situations are unprecedented. Once you are open to being challenged by such an event, you are able to identify it faster and consequently, put together an adequate response quickly. One has to learn to put a crisis, however large, behind oneself and be willing to move on. You have to learn to wait and stay optimistic. The first and foremost thing a professional can do is to evaluate the circumstances.

Building in positivity is the key for turning your setbacks into comebacks. This can be a good time to invest on self, develop the skills or pursue a hobby. Reach out to your network/friends to find a solution that suits you the most. Doing what you love will ensure that you succeed at what you are doing.

Hence, falling down is not the problem, but not being able to get up after a fall is the problem. Bounce back no matter how hard things have been as there is always something better in store for you!

Source : Economic Times

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